Go Adventurous – Buy Mixed Wines

Are you planning to host a party where guests have different tastes? Unsure which wines to pick? Try the mixed wine cases that are a great way to select a range of different wines without much hassle.

cape_view_mixed_new_small__95772_1Many a times, you don’t have the time to carefully browse through hundreds of wines available online. At this time, wouldn’t it be great if someone meticulously pre selects and puts couple of bottles together, each different from the other but all brilliant as far as taste is concerned. This is exactly what mixed wine cases do for you. Mixed wine cases are an assortment of different great tasting wines put together carefully by wine experts for you!

Mixed wine cases come in a set of six or twelve bottles and offer a wide age of assortments like different varieties of either reds or white winesor both reds and whites available in one set or a wider variety offering red, white, sparkling etc.- all in one set. Packages range from a few dozen dollars to premium ones containing expensive fine wines, each selection focused on celebrating particular styles and regional expressions. Mostly mixed cases turn out to be cheaper than buying bottles separately. Moreover, many times various schemes and discounts are also offered on them.

So, if you enjoy seeing your wine rack varied and love discovering new favourites, go ahead and order mixed wine cases in packs of six or twelve. No matter what kind of wines you love, there is one to suit everybody’s taste and budget.

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Ferngrove Wines- God Sent For All Wine Enthusiasts

One can easily be caught up in a pile of superlatives when it comes describing Ferngrove wines. Their story of great quality, consistency and elegance dates back to 1998 when Murray Burton founded the Ferngrove winery in the Frankland River region of Western Australia. The man was sure that the pristine environment, temperate Mediterranean climate and the productive soils were ideal for viticulture.  His decision proved right and time and again, Ferngrove wines have been appreciated all over the world for their characteristic delicacy and exemplary quality.

Inferngrove_symbols_2013_sbs_1deed, without an iota of doubt, one can say that Ferngrove’s estate- grown wines over-deliver on customers’ expectations as far as value and quality are concerned. Few of their star performers are:

Ferngrove Riesling

Riesling from Ferngrove is a thing of beauty. It is light and limy with a high aroma of citrus and honeysuckle on the nose. The palate is fresh, bright and bouncy withsnappy acidity. This drink goes well with food that has depth, texture and creaminess.


Ferngrove Shiraz

This full-bodied wine from Ferngrove is sodelectable, a single glass just won't do! The nose has scents of blue and black fruits along with attractive earthiness and exotic spice. The palate is soft and silky with fresh, sweet berry fruits and a spicy finish. Enjoy this drink with your barbeques.


Ferngrove Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of redcurrants, black plumsand florals on the nose that are highly perfumed and appealing define this wine. It has a chic palateof berry and plum flavors, hints of mint and vanilla with fine and fruity finish. A tangy meat dish goes well with this wine.

Ferngrove Chardonnay

A wine for modern style people, Ferngrove Chardonnay has pleasing aromas of red apples and lemon zest. The palate is light-bodied and creamy textured with apple, citrus and pear flavors along with a dry and sensual finish. This wine can be enjoyed with pork chops and similar dishes.

Order a bottle of these or any of the other Ferngrove wines for your next special lunch or dinner and you are surely in for a treat. 

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Experience the Best with Australian Red Wines

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized,” said Andre Simon.

All wine lovers would agree!

Australia with its diverse climate, brilliant grape stock quality and skilled winemakers produces a wide range of superb wines and Australians often boast of their love for red wine.

Red wine, known all over the world for its health and beauty benefits has been making in-roads here for many years now. Reasons to fall in love and buy red wine are numerous. From keeping the heart healthy, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar in check to helping lose weight and look younger, the more you research the list keeps getting longer.

red wine

Australian red wine makers are few of the world’s finest and produce a variety of red wines, different from each other in color and flavor. Few worth a buy red wines are:

·       Shiraz: This wine makes Australia famous all over the world for its still and sparkling varieties. The Shiraz grapes, deep plum in color and peppery in flavor grow well in Australian climate. When ripened deeply, the original flavor develops into notes of dark cherry and stewed plums and once very ripe, change into flavors of port, chocolate and coffee.

·       Cabernet Sauvignon: Known as the monarch of grapes in many parts of the world, these grapes have a deep flavor of port, aniseed, caraway and coffee when dee

ply ripened.

·       Merlot: A part of the Cabernet family of grapes, this variety is a rising star in Australian wine industry. When it becomes very ripe, Merlot has a bouquet of plum, liquorice and chocolate. Merlot is often blended with other grape varieties by many winemakers to create their own unique wines.

·       Pinot Noir: The flavor of this red grape varies from one region to the other. The wine made from this grape variety is not as heavy as other red wines but tastes meaty and herbaceous.

Apart from these, few other great varieties to consider when you buy red wine are Grenache, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Zinfadel and Malbec. 

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