Health Update: Even More Reasons why Wine is Good for You

Glass of wineIf you’re a wine-lover you’re in very good—and very ancient—company. The virtues of wine were known to ancient cultures thousands of years ago, and extolled by well-known figures such as Aristotle and Pliny the Elder; however, the many health benefits of this popular beverage have come to light only recently. Red wines in particular have a wide variety of positive health effects, although white wines aren’t far behind.

The earliest known use of wine can be traced to China, where traces of fermented fruit and rice have been found in settlements dating back to 7000 BC. The world’s oldest known winery dates to Armenia in 4100 BC, and the Chateau de Goulaine in the Loire Valley in France, built around 1000 AD, is the oldest operating winery in the world. Wine has a long history of use in religious rituals and in medicine, but those ancient cultures had no scientific proof—as we do now—of the myriad health benefits of drinking wine. While it’s true that drinking too much alcohol can have some nasty effects on your system in the long term, moderate wine consumption has been shown in multiple scientific studies to confer some important health benefits.

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Buy Red Wine with the Excellent and Finest Qualities

warburn merlotAside from being good for the heart, red wine is renowned for its classy and unique taste that can be perfectly matched with a variety of dishes.

Only the best grape varieties are grown in well-kept vineyards of Australia which receives moderate amount of rain in spring and winter. Honed by the region’s seasons, the grape vines grow healthy and strong to bear the finest berries. The vines are cultivated with utmost care to grow by low-yields, resulting to richly and intensely flavored grape berries.

Wines are matured in American and French Oak barrels for about six months to bring out the excellent and unique flavor that our patrons loved for years.

Here are four of the best red wines available at Just Wines that you can buy for only $99 per case of twelve bottles. Check these out and buy red wine online now!

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Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014

gold coastThe Gold Coast Airport Marathon will be on its 36th year comes July 5th and 6th.

This event is considered as one of the Land Down Under's leading sporting activities. It was established to entice far more than 30,000 members of all age range and capabilities from Queensland, road and offshore.

The celebration will feature different marathon events like the ASICS Half Marathon, Junior Dash, and a few more competitions which are famous globally for being smooth, quick and picturesque, it's running and relaxing at the same time along the stunning Broadwater and dazzling surf beaches.

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