Laurent- Perrier Champagnes- For All Your Special Occasions

The Laurent Perrier Champagne House was established way back in 1812 and after going through their share of turmoil, tribulations and lesson learnings grew gradually to become one of the world’s best champagne selling brands by 2005. The estate is located in Tours-sur-Marne, a lovely picturesque village in Champagne. Though traditional winemaking ways are used to make the lovely bubbly, it is the innovation at the technical and blending level that has set the champagnes from this winery apart. For example, stainless steel tanks are used here for fermentation to preserve the freshness and aromas in the wines.

laurent perrier champagne


Few masterpieces produced here include Demi- Sec, a sweet, rich and fresh drink that beautifully pairs with all sweet and savoury dishes; Ultra Brut, a dry zero dosage bubbly with excellent subtlety and delicacy; Alexandra Rose, an extraordinary cuvee of vintage rose champagne; Grand Siècle, a drink that comes in a lovely slender neck bottle that makes it a winner for celebrations; Cuvee Rose, a daring  wine with remarkable freshness and soft vinous character; and Brut, the wine that marks the signature style of its estate for being amazingly fresh, light and elegant.

Each sip of Laurent – Perrier champagnes reinforces the estate’s values in the mind of

the drinker. Every bottle manufactured here is elegance, sophistication and creative boldness personified. The winemakers at this estate have no ambition that is higher and no passion that is bigger than making fabulous champagne. Try one of these for sure at your next special occasion. Hold the flute of your favourite Laurent- Perrier and make a toast to all your blessings in life…

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Printhie Wines- High Altitude Wines with High Quality

Printhie is a boutique winery located in Orange, New South Wales, Australia. The estate is owned by the Swift family and is approximately a decade old. The wines grown here are very fine and elegant due to the cool climate and high altitude of the location they are produced in. Robert Black was the first winemaker employed by the Swifts when they opened the Printhie winery in 2004. His winemaking talents have played a vital role in making a place for Printhie wines in the market. Today, this 350 ton winery with 82 acres of vineyards is the largest in Orange. It has been appreciated by James Halliday as the premium winery in this area.

Printhie Printhie Mountain Range Shirazwines portfolio is divided into couple of sections/ ranges:

  ·Super Duper: As the name suggests, wines in this section are of very high quality.     These include extraordinarily brilliant or Super- Duper Chardonnay and Super-Duper       Shiraz.

  · The Swift Family Heritage: This section’s wines are Printhie's commitment to make   extraordinary red wines. The Swiss Family Heritage is Printhie’s flagship wine.

  ·Mt Canobolas Collection: Printhie’s reserve range, this one includes excellent wines   that have brilliant textures and structures along with great aromas and flavours.            Riesling, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are produced under this   section in limited quantities.

  · Mountain Range: This range includes most of the popular red and white wines that    provide great quality as well as value for money. 

Along with these, Cellar Release and Swift Sparkling are the two other ranges under which wines are produced. Buy wines from any of the ranges mentioned above and you are sure never to regret!

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Shiraz- The Aussie Pride

The dark – skinned variety of grapes known as Syrah is used to produce one of the paramount varieties of red wines. The most sought – after form of Syrah is produced in Australia, where this grape is known by the name of Shiraz. Although it originated from France, it has now become more popular in AustraMystery Red Mountain Range Shirazlia where it first originated in the mid – 19th century. Shiraz grapes are used to fabricate rich, smooth, hearty and ripe red wines with intense and appeasing berry flavours.

Wines are distinguished from each other on the basis of their aroma and flavour. The aroma of a Shiraz wine can mesmerize people even before they have tasted the wine, touching their mind and soul while the flavour works wonders when the right kind of food is served along with the wine. Shiraz wines are mostly full – bodied and powerfully flavoured. They mostly give tastes of blackcurrant, cherry, raisin, plum and blackberry along with hints of chocolate, tobacco, herb, earth and coffee.

When you buy Shiraz wines, make sure you serve it with rich and meaty food items. This would enhance the flavours. Try red meat, lamb, turkey, beef, stews etc. with this most loved wine. Shiraz takes best when served at a temperature of 60- 65 degree Fahrenheit. One more thing to keep in mind when you are serving Shiraz is that it is not a great cheese wine. If you really want to have it with cheese, then have it with creamier, softer ones. 

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